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Our Services

We help companies in the engineering product development process, and specialize in the rapid evolution of concepts from an idea to a functional product. Our level of involvement can be customized to meet your needs. We will bring your project enthusiasm, experience, and focus, achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Product Development Solutions: Our Services

Program and Project Management

We consult on and lead projects being run internally at your company or out of our office. We are experts in lean product development, and can also adapt to any process you have in place.


Product Development

  • Design sketches 

  • 3D concepts 

  • Final 3D design 

  • Prototype and tooling/production ready files 

  • Electronic design .

  • Software App design

           Embedded Firmware

           APP UI/UX o iOS and Android                 

           Analytics Dashboard


Rapid Prototype and 3D Printing:

SLA and FDM capabilities: our 3D printers can produce high-resolution structural parts, so we can quickly design, test, and iterate a design for strength and functionality. We also offer flexible and elastic parts. Our design engineering experience will ensure the print is optimized for part functionality. Contact us for a quote today.


Agile Development Testing

We offer in-house strength and load testing and cyclic load testing for your concept. Paired with our 3D printing service, the turn-around time from design to a tested component is impressive. Leverage our customized process tools like our design input form and our failure modes exercise to identify and test the highest-risk areas first.


Whiteboard Workshops

We lead efficient and creative brainstorming sessions on any topic for you, including product ideas, technical design problems, business development, team goals, and process mapping. Get the momentum and BOOST you've been craving on your project or idea. This invigorating session can be in-person, and we also have the ability to connect your team virtually if you have participants in different locations.


3D CAD Modeling & Drawings

We can capture or evolve your product design in Solidworks, from 3D concept models to detailed drawings. We can include GD&T controls, tolerance/stack-up analyses, and drawing quality controls.


Concept Development Consulting

We can dive in at any point in your development process, and the level of involvement is customized to meet your needs.This includes market research, design targets, development testing and test plans, failure mode analyses, concept ideas and sketches, rapid prototyping, detailed 3D CAD product design, initial costing estimates, and concept feasiblity. We excel at iterating the design quickly and efficiently, following our robust lean development process.

Image by Daniel Smyth

Design for Manufacturing

Developing a product with manufacturing in mind is vital to every project we undertake at EVO ENGINEERING AND DESIGN. Design for Manufacturing ensures the product can be manufactured to meet target costs, and will be made with consistency that supports a high-quality, safe end-product.

Image by Balázs Kétyi

Product Marketing Strategy and Branding

We can help you design and develop your brand, business plan, market strategy, sales launch, and distribution channels.

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